Who We are

The Colourful City Organization is Hungary’s first firewall painting and public space colouring organization. The civic initiative project has grown into a movement from the very beginning, since public space colouring was legally unknown in Hungary before the founding of the Colourful City (2009).

Colourful City members became active when they realised that the cities where we live are grey and alienating. It is hard to love and protect a city where public spheres are filled with adverts or the walls are simply neglected and cannot work as a community place. Our work is not just about painting walls. Firewall painting is a creative tool that can help bring together citizens, decision makers, and companies.

Our mission is to improve public spaces, to restore their community function, to make them lovable, to develop cultural values, but we also work on communication campaigns. One of our main successes is an educational program, launched in 2010, called Butterfly Effect focusing on high school students; so far, 4 schools have participated in it. For further information, please check their site at www.pillangohatas.org.

Furthermore, we are also proud of our one-month-long firewall painting festival based in Budapest which was held between 2014 and 2017 in each year. István Tarlós, former Mayor of Budapest was the main patron for this event.

Not just wall painting

Our team not only deals with wall painting, we can make complex communication campaigns including wall painting, graphic designing, light painting, or Public Relation. As a result of common thinking with our customers we develop cultural urban projects.

In addition to wall paintings, we have created other public activities too, such as the QB project, which is an outdoor game using wooden cubes: attracting citizens, pedestrians to partake and act. Related to this project we also created our campaign ‘Most Coloured Word’.

Since 2009 we have invited Polish, Romanian, British, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Argentinian, and Russian artists to Budapest as part of the Colourful City Budapest Festival.

Mural art nowadays

Mural arts reflect life, express beauty with vibrant colours, inspire communities, and deliver messages. Our aim is to make people feel comfortable in a large public exhibition space: the city.

We would like to see contemporary artworks, to make concepts, to create integrated contents on many neglected, grey surfaces.

Where can you find our works?

So far, we have painted 60,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor walls in several locations in Hungary and through Europe, including Moscow, Berlin, and London. Basically most of our works can be found in downtown Budapest.